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The process of scanning fingerprints dur


(Note: This service temporarily unavailable as we await updated system. Thank you for your understanding)

Our Print To Card option consist of digital fingerprint records that are created with a DcctyScan84C Livescan Fingerprinting system and printed out onto FD258 civilian fingerprint cards:

-Anyone who needs to send their fingerprint cards in or out of state for employment and licensing purposes.

-Anyone who needs to send their cards to a regulatory agency that accepts fingerprint cards

-Anyone who is not a legal US resident or does not have a green card and is seeking immigration status must send cards to the FBI.

-Anyone who is applying for a Federal Firearms License (FFL) must send cards to the NFA in Oregon.

FBI Channeling ​is a National Background Check service we provide that is submitted through the FBI (FBI Channeling electronic submission):

-Immigration (legal residents & Green Card holders)

-Foreign travel, study, adoptions

-Public Housing

-Anyone who wants to see what the FBI is reporting on them in terms of criminal history before enrolling in a lengthy education program, applying for a job or when working with an attorney to expunge their record.

Fingerprinting & Background Checks: Welcome
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