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Classroom Instruction State Required Topics 8am-1:30pm:

Basic Firearms Safety

Safe Handling and Storage

Non-Violent Dispute Resolution

Use of Force

Civil and Criminal Liability

Texas License to Carry Laws

Review and Testing

Range Proficiency State Requirements 2:30pm-5:00pm:

Range Safety

Firearm Handling

Live Fire Qualification & Requalification if necessary

(You have option of using a revolver or semi automatic firearm. If you will not have access to a firearm for Range and Proficiency Qualification, please let us know at time of sign up. Firearm rental is available and requires additional fee. Please arrive early to complete rental process)

You will need 50 rounds of ammunition. (100 is suggested just in case). Ammo can be purchased at the range. A score of 70% or 175 points of a possible 250 is required to pass.  Course of fire will be: 20 shots from 3 yard line, 20 shots from 7 yard line and 10 shots from 15 yard line. 

* NO FIREARM OR AMMUNITION WILL BE ALLOWED IN CLASSROOM!! For safety all firearms will be inspected prior to live fire. 


Footwear that covers entire foot, a shirt with high neck line or collared to protect from hot brass, hat (optional), eye protection that covers entire eye area (Prescription eyewear okay), over the ear protection only, revolver or semi automatic, (one empty magazine for semi automatic).


During registration, please be sure to answer all questions. If there is additional information we need to be aware of, please indicate in additional info section. Deposit of $50 required at time of registration. Reschedule permitted up to 48 hours prior to course start date. No refunds.  

License To Carry (LTC): Practices
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